Roco damelshe

View a slideshow of for example our favourite Dutch politician

Show a slideshow (for example on your chromecast) Usage Start playing sequentially [Startplaying] Start playing random [Startrandom] Show picture [Showpicture] Stop playing [Stopplaying] Trigger on new pictures [Trigger] examples to use to do: - add more pics, NEVER ENOUGH ! - instagram-support - devianart-support - use normal URL’s too - use more then 25 pics per board - enable trigger for new submissions Changelog v0.1.0 (30-11-2017) first version v0.1.6 (04-12-2017) Changed images and icon v0.1.7 (05-12-2017) Added examples for flow testing v0.1.8 (05-12-2017) allow for http-urls too v0.2.0 (09-12-2017) added triggercard for new submissions, deleted global token v0.2.1 (09-12-2017) better pic-recognition, support (instagram)


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