Fritzbox Bridge

Christoph Potas

Use your Fritzbox as Bridge and get access to all device sensors

Fritzbox Bridge Use your fritzbox as bridge and get access to all device sensors. Each sensor can be addressed individually and is synchronized via a single central query. Homey app * most sensor properties have auto trigger/action cards supported devices: * CometDECT, Fritz!DECT 300/301 * Fritz!DECT 200/210, FRITZ!Powerline 546E * HANFUN Alarm * FRITZ!Box backward compatibility ( >= 0.5.0 ): all devices that were paired before update will not be affected by device changes. only new paired devices will use the newest device version supported sensors & values: Used icons from: <a href="">Freepik</a> known limits: * CometDECT * measurements have a delay ( max. 15min ) * sending commands can take up to 15min to take effect * temperature sensor has higher resolution internal
What's new in v0.5.4
* update for new app-store

Supported devices

Socket switch
Temperature sensor
Alarm sensor
Fritzbox router


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