Plugwise Smile P1

Robin Gruijter

Imports data from the Plugwise Smile P1 energy meter

DSMR P1 smart meter readings via Plugwise Smile P1. A direct connection over IP is used, so there is no need for the Plugwise Stretch. The app logs and provides flow cards for the following data: - Actual power usage/production (W, 10s interval) - Totalized power meter (kWh) - All individual power meters (kWh) - Recent gas usage (m3, of the previous hour) - Gas meter (m3) - Tariff change (off-peak, true or false) Ledring screensaver: - See how much energy you are using or producing just by looking at your Homey! - Is the wash-dryer ready? Am I now producing power to the grid? The power is totalized for consumed and produced power, during off-peak and peak hours. Production to the powergrid is displayed as negative watts.
What's new in v3.1.0
Fix Homey V5 compatibility.

Supported devices


Flow cards

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The power changed
The gas meter changed
The power meter changed
Tariff has changed
Power use changed


Tariff is off-peak


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