Lightwave RF

Andrew Wilde

Give Homey the ability to control your LightwaveRF devices

This app supports LightwaveRF devices, this currently supports switching of sockets and lamps, dimming, flashing of lights and door bell sensing. Version 0.0.7 CURRENT FEATURES - Tuning on and off plugs and lamps - Dimming Lamps and Dimable plug sockets - PIR Sensing - Door and Window Sensing - Door Bell Ringer SUPPORTS: - LW 2100 Doorbell (Remote & Bell Unit) - LW 400/420/430/440 wired dimmable light switches - LW 260/270 Sockets - LW 301 Plug-in Dimmer - LW 321 Plug-in On/Off - LW 107 PIR Sensor - LW 100 Remote POSSIBLE SUPPORT FOR HOWEVER THESE ARE NOT TESTED * LW800 Series in line dimmers * Some Siemens devices have been tested and should work based as they are use the same protocol FUTURE RELEASES WILL ADDRESS - Dimming from remote - Other Lightwave products VERSION CHANGES * 0.0.7 Fixed Issue with new Athom API for firmware 0.10 and onwards. * 0.0.6 Fixed Issue with new Athom API for firmware 0.9 and onwards. * 0.0.5 Fixed Issue with off command with newer lightwave devices, Updated icons * 0.0.4 Ablity to flash lights, fixed bug with flows, fixed virtual devices when pairing sockets The official LightwaveRF [APP] topic on the forum: If you find a bug please report it here: For LightwaveRF installation, linking, clearing memory, etc tutorials please visit:

Supported devices

Handheld Remote
Mood Remote
Wireless Dimmer
Plug in Dimmer
Plug-in On/Off
Wired Dimmer
Door Sensor
DoorBell Button
DoorBell Ringer


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