LaMetric Time

Mark Swift

Display Homey notifications on your LaMetric Time.

Important Note: This is a completely new version and is not compatible with prior releases. Please rebuild all flows. CHANGELOG: V1.0.5 - Temp fix to icon retrieval issue (due to change in API). The app now caches icons upon start (please allow a few minutes for the caching to complete). I’ll improve this function when I find more time… V1.0.3 - *** This update requires you to revise your existing flows - add priority and if using a sound card, specify to repeats! *** Added new message priority option | Added new repeat sound field This app lets you send notifications from Homey to your LaMetric Time devices. Multiple devices are supported! - Select message priority (info, warning, critical) - Select message icon shown prior to message (none, info, alert) - Add notification text, with optional sound (you can choose to repeat it too) and icon - Control countdown timer and stopwatch functions - Control radio - Set alarm clock - Show widgets The device IP-address can be changed in device settings. This app works best with the following software installed on your lametric device: - Firmware 1.7.5 and higher - Alarm clock - Radio - Weather - Timer - Stopwatch

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LaMetric Time


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