Plugwise Source

Jilles Miedema

Imports Plugwise data from Source and controls Circels als switch or as light

omey app to integrate Plugwise Windows desktop Source in Homey. Works with data retreived from Plugwise Source Server . Controls Circles and Stealths with Homey. 30-08-2016 version 0.1.2 first app store release changes : only Circles and Circles+ can be added as Homey socket devices. There is a special Homey app for the Plugwise Smile P1 in the Athom App Store so it isnt included anymore in this app. Bug fixed : Testing Plugwise Source server doesnt give crash app anymore. Changelog 21-11-2016 v 0.1.40 removed bug compatability >= 1.0.39 21-11-2016 v 0.1.39 added node module node-homey-log to map node_modules 18-12-2016 v 0.1.38 version homey FW lifted to >= 1.0.3 removed bug when switch a socket app crashed. added Sentry log require, not implemented yet 18-12-2016 v 0.1.28 moved the initialization of the app settings values to app init from the global space to prevent app crash after reboot or update homey 15-10-2016 v 0.1.18 firmmware update homey to 0.10.5 did give problems with saving settings of server, is solved by bvdbos. 25-09-2016 v 0.1.7 deleteted line 30 in driver which gave app crash in Homey firmware 0.10.0 01-07-2018 v 2.0.0 SDK 2 version setting locked included to lock circle, and circle can be added as Homey light 03-07-2018 v 2.0.1 SDK 2 version node modules were excluded in gitignore, light virtual class didnt work , now it works 08-08-2018 v 2.0.2 fixed a bug 14-08-2018 v 2.0.3 added stealth as a circel device 22-08-2018 v 2.0.4 new forum topic id 03-02-2019 v 2.0.5 removed bugs that caused immedate crash in V2. the drivers loaded to slow in v2 so some objects were not ready in the app.js [[Paypal donate][pp-donate-image]][pp-donate-link] [pp-donate-link]: [pp-donate-image]:

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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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