Robert Raaijmakers

Control Iungo using Homey

This app let’s you connect your Iungo to Homey. You can add your Iungo smart meters and connected devices. Once done it will show up in the flow-editor, ready to be used! IF YOU LIKE THIS APP, THEN CONSIDER TO BUY ME A BEER [] If you have any suggestions or bugs, please post them on GitHub: https://github.com/robertraaijmakers/com.iungo/ v0.4.0: * Added support for Homey energy!! :) v0.3.4: * Added fix for homes without gas meter * Added fix to support modbus energy meters as seperate energy meters v0.3.3: * Fixt synchronisation problem with redelivery values * Added power fase readings (REPAIR OF DEVICE NEEDED). This will show: * Import per fase (shown when redelivery, or more then one fase is available) * Export per fase (if in use) * Total power import (shown when redelivery, or more then one fase is available) * Total power export (if in use) * Made sure that capabilities are only shown if they are used (e.g. redelivery readings won’t show if you don’t have redelivery power) * Added solar meter * Completely rewrote the app to use Homey SDK Version 2 (so it’s future proof :)), needs Homey version 1.5 or higher v0.2.8: * Added redelivery (solar panels) capabilities to smart meter (REPAIR OF DEVICE NEEDED) * Added some setting options to the smart meter (tariff, gas meter interval) * Fixt a defect that water meter offset value wasn’t retrieved from Iungo v0.2.7: * Fix for reading water meter values * Updated app store image according to Iungo standards v0.2.3: * Initial version of Iungo app letting you read your P1 meter with Iungo Lite or the Iungo Energy Controller * Letting you manage your Iungo compatible wall sockets (read power consumption and turn them on and off from within Homey)

Supported devices

Energy Controller
Water Meter
Solar Meter


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