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Will add support to the Hikvision Cameras

Support for Hikvision IP-Cameras and NVR *Using Alarms in Flows *Control PTZ Cameras *See the Camera Images and use them in Flows To receive alarms you have to add Event -> Linkage Method -> Notify Surveillance Center This App may also work with Hikvision OEM devices like ABUS, Grundig, Annke and many more. This software is BETA. It may not work like expected and missing functions will be introduced later. You can write me a message at Athom Community [@mapulu](https://community.athom.com/new-message?username=mapulu&title=Hikvision-App&body=) Changelog Beta 0.2.3 Added Flow-Trigger for Intrusion Detection Beta 0.2.1 Event trigger fix for some devices Beta 0.2.0 Added camera names for NVR cameras Added Flow-Trigger for Connected/Disconnected/Error Beta 0.1.2 Initial Beta Version

Supported devices

Hikvision Device


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