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Robin Gruijter

Make backups of all insights

Export all your insights to your NAS, to a FTP server, or to a WebDAV compliant storage. The insights are zipped and stored in .csv format so you can open them in excel and create all kinds of statistics and charts. The export also includes a JSON version of the data. Exports can be easily scheduled by using the trigger card in a flow. You can schedule a full export, or an export per app. [image] To setup enter the local share (NAS), and/or the FTP, and/or the webDAV information. It is possible to use a local share, FTP and a webDAV storage simultaneously. Select ‘Seperate folder for each export’ if you want to create a new folder for each export. [image] Note: doing an export can take a long time (more than 10 minutes), depending on how many insights you have. It is not possible to restore the data into Homey. For requests or remarks, visit the forum. Donate: If you like the app do not hesitate to donate a cool drink :) [Paypal donate] =============================================================================== Version changelog: changelog.txt


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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