Advanced Scheduler

Fredrik Pålsson

Easily schedule anything from simple to complex solar or time based events.

An advanced scheduler for weekly and monthly (comming) schedules with fixed time or solar events (sunset, sunrise, dusk, dawn, midday and so on). Advanced features include: * Random schedule event times. Example: trigger at random time between 21:00 and 22:30. * Conditional triggering (only trigger schedule event if before or after certain time). Example: trigger at sunrise but only if before 06:00. * First of/last of triggering (trigger the first or last of two trigger times). Example: Trigger first of sunrise and 07:00. * All the features above can be mixed and combined as desired. The idea is not having to setup LOTS of flows if you have complex rules of when to do things based on a weekly schedule (with possibly diffrent times at different days of week). Simply setup schedules and add triggers (called schedule events) based on time or solar events. Then setup what should happen at every trigger (by setting tag values), and use flows to execute your actions. See app community page for more info.
What's new in v0.2.6
German readme updated. Corrected bug in UI when using trigger first/last of. Minor layout improvements.

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Advanced Scheduler
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