Easy Home

Adds support for ZigBee & Z-Wave devices.

EasyHome This App adds support for ZigBee & Z-Wave Devices to Homey. You must install this App before adding the devices. Supported Lauguages English Issues Adding device failed? Make sure this App is installed. Make sure the device is in pair mode. Restart this App. (Homey -> More -> Apps -> This App -> Settings (Top right corner) -> Restart App). Restart the Homey device and Homey App. Reset ZigBee or Z-Wave (Homey -> More -> Settings -> ZigBee or Z-Wave -> Reset network). Identified as an unknown device? Provide the basic information of the device to us. Steps to get the information: 1 Homey App -> Devices. 2 Long press the unknown device. 3 Settings -> Advance settings. 4 Provide "Manufacturer ID, Product ID, Device ID, Profile ID" to us. Remote Contorl or Wall Controller no response after binding? Re-power the Remote Control or Wall Controller. Restart the Homey Gateway. Supported Devices ZigBee Devices RGBW-CCT, RGBW Lighting, RGB-CCT (Light, ON/OFF, Dim, [CCT], RGB, [White]) CCT Lighting (Light, ON/OFF, Dim, CCT) DIM Lighting (Light, ON/OFF, Dim) ZG9101SAC_HP_Switch (Light, ON/OFF) ZG9101SAC_HP (Light, ON/OFF, Dim) ZGRC-KEY-001 (Wall Controller, ON/OFF, Dim Up/Down) ZGRC-KEY-004 (Wall Controller, ON/OFF) ZGRC-KEY-037 (Remote Control, All ON/OFF, 4 ON/OFF Groups, S1, S2) ZG2833K4_EU06 (Wall Controller, 2 ON/OFF Groups) ZG2833K8_EU05 (Wall Controller, 4 ON/OFF Groups) ZG2868A (Remote Contorl) Z-Wave Devices ZV9101SAC-HP-Switch (Light, ON/OFF) ZV9101SAC-HP (Light, ON/OFF, Dim) ZV9001K2-DIM (Wall Controller, All ON/OFF) ZV9001NK12-DIM-Z4 (Remote Control, All ON/OFF, 4 ON/OFF Groups, S1, S2) ZV9001K4-DIM-G2 (Wall Controller, 2 ON/OFF Groups) ZV9001K8-DIM-G4 (Wall Controller, 4 ON/OFF Groups) ZV9020A (Outlet, ON/OFF) ZV9010A (Door/Window Sensor)
What's new in v1.0.4
Remove markdown formatting in README, remove changelog in README, remote URLs in README.

Supported devices

Switch (ZigBee)
Dimmer (ZigBee)
WallController (ZigBee)
WallController (ZigBee)
WallController (ZigBee)
RemoteControl (ZigBee)
RemoteControl (ZigBee)
WallController (ZigBee)
Light Color (ZigBee)
Light CCT (ZigBee)
Light DIM (ZigBee)
Dimmer (Z-Wave)
Switch (Z-Wave)
WallController (Z-Wave)
RemoteControl (Z-Wave)
WallController (Z-Wave)
WallController (Z-Wave)
Outlet (Z-Wave)
Door/Window Sensor (Z-Wave)


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