Marcel Timmermans

Holidays conditions to use in your flows

This app wil give you (currently) the Dutch Official holidays and some unofficial. The idea is to extend this with other countries as well. Holiday Conditions Dutch Holidays Card - NewYears Day - Good Friday - Easter Day - Easter Monday - King’s Birthday - Remembrance Day - Liberation Day - Carnaval - Ascension Day - Whit Sunday - Whit Monday - Sinterklaas - St Nicholas’ Day - Christmas Eve - Christmas Day - Second Day of Christmas - New Year’s Eve - Mothers Day - Fathers Day - Animal Day - Valentin Day - Start Summer Time - Start Winter Time on every item above you can compare with the following Conditions: - Later than today - Before today - Later than today or today - Before today or today - Equal to Today - Not Equal to today Leap Year Card This card is to detect if current year is a leap year or not. V 0.1.1 Add condition to test of official NL Holidays and fixed Leap Year Bug. V 0.1.0 Convert to SDK 2 and make it compatible with Homey V2. V 0.0.3 Added UK holidays V 0.0.2 Added start of winter- and summertime. V 0.0.1 First experimental release


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