Vegard B

BLE devices which measures radon, VOC, temperature and humidity.

Airthings This app adds support for Airthings radon/voc sensors over Bluetooth Low Energy. Device support Supports Airthings Wave, Airthings Wave+ and Airthings Mini. Nice to know Airthings and Homey will communicate over Bluetooth, which is limited in range. Make sure that Homey and the device will be max 10 meters in distance to eachother, and if possible no obstacles in between (like fireplaces, brick wall, metal walls etc). Pairing for the first time When pairing the device for the first time it is recommended to move Homey and the device close to eachother to make adding process easier. Development The development of this app is done by Airthings ( and CRUDE (
What's new in v1.2.1
Fixed readme

Supported devices

Airthings Wave Plus
Airthings Wave
Airthings Mini


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