Homey Heating Scheduler

Markus Kling

Create and manage heating schedules

Easily control the temperature of your thermostats. ## How does this work and what can it do on Homey? This app controls the target temperature if your thermostats based on (many) *heating plans*. A heating plan is list of set points. At each set point, the associated target temperature is applied to a list devices. A heating plan can be associated with either zones or devices. If a heating plan is associated with a zone, the heating plan is associated with all themorstats inside that zone. Child zones are not evaluated (yet). You can find more details, a short manual, as well as release notes online https://homey-heating.mskg.app. ## Features * *Mobile friendly* Configuration page allows easy editing. Plans and setpoints can be copied, configuration can be ex-/imported, overview of current set temperatures, ... * *Full flexibility* Heating plans can be associated with zones or devices, in any combination. * *Different szenarios for the same thermostats?* Heating plans can be enabled and disabled, which allows flexible szenarios triggered by flow (see below). * *Not at home?* Homey heating scheduler supports different modes and associated exceptions: Automatic, One day at home, One day away, Sleeping, On holiday. * *Manual control* Each plan can be added as a virtual thermostat device to Homey. This allows to manually override the temperature per "zone." * *Flow integration* Set mode, enable/disable plan, apply plan, etc. * *Optimal resouce management* Your Homey is only utilized when there is something to do: No permanent polling or reading of temperatures in the background. The app only wakes up on setpoints. Not what you expect? Than it's probably not what I do at home. Feel free to add a feature request on GitHub (https://github.com/mskg/homey-heating/issues). ## Supported languages * English * Dutch * German ## Release notes https://homey-heating.mskg.app/pages/releasenotes ## Feedback Anything doesn't work? Please report issues on GitHub (https://github.com/mskg/homey-heating/issues) or contact me on Slack (https://athomcommunity.slack.com/team/mskg).
What's new in v1.2.2
## Improvements - German translations ## Fixes - During device removal, OnInit cycle of the driver seems not to be run. A workaround has been implemented #94 - Try to implement a workaround for #68. Danfoss seems to reject temperature if it is already set. - Check if a device is available before setting target_temperature, #95 - Added safety check for remote logging buffer overflow, resolves #85 - 'Device not ready' errors disappear after bumping all Homey dependencies, fixes #120 ## Backend - Bumped dependencies (d3, material-ui, mocha, @types/*)

Supported devices

Virtual Thermostat


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