Homey Heating Scheduler

Markus Kling

Create and manage heating schedules

Easily control the temperature of your thermostat with heating plans. A heating plan is list of set points. At each set point, the associated target temperature is applied to a list devices. - Mobile friendly configuration page allows easy editing. Plans and setpoints can be copied, configuration can be ex-/imported, overview of current set temperatures, ... - Heating plans can be associated with zones or devices, in any combination. - Heating plans can be enabled and disabled, which allows flexible szenarios triggered by flow (see below). - Homey heating scheduler supports different modes and associated exceptions: Automatic, One day at home, One day away, Sleeping, On holiday. - Each plan can be added as a virtual thermostat device to Homey. This allows to manually override the temperature per "zone." - Set mode, enable/disable plan, apply plan, etc. - Your Homey is only utilized when there is something to do: No permanent polling or reading of temperatures in the background. The app only wakes up on setpoints. Supported languages: English, Dutch, German
What's new in v1.2.4
## Fixes (same as 1.2.3) - Fixed issue in variable replacements for German translations - Improve recognition of device initialization errors - Reworked german translations to informal salutations - De-/Activation of heating-plans did not update overview page #140 ## Docs Updated README.txt and forced to bump version due to Apps Store requirements.

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