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Futurehome and Homey – Smart home system comparison

Choosing your smart home system is the most important decision in your smart home. As the heart of your setup, the systems' compatibility determines what you can and cannot do or add in the future. It also provides the interface for your home. Needless to say, you want to choose right.

Homey and Futurehome are both smart home systems available in Europe: Futurehome mostly in Scandinavia, and Homey across the EU, Norway and Switzerland.

Key differences

Both Futurehome and Homey can serve as a central hub, or controller, for your smart home. They both contain Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus wireless technologies, as well as connectivity to Wi-Fi and cloud-connected devices. Next to that, Homey adds connectivity over 433MHz (both the protocol for Somfy as well as for Nexa / Telldus), Infrared (for instance to control TV sets) and Bluetooth Low Energy.

There's also some differences in supported devices over cloud / Wi-Fi, with Homey having a larger portfolio of integrated devices. All device integrations for Homey can be found in the Homey App Store. As of January 2021, it features around 500 Homey Apps that integrate a variety of devices.

Integrations for Futurehome can be found at the Futurehome Playground. As of January 2021, it holds around 10 Playground integrations for a number of brands that work with Futurehome.

This is a summary of how the two systems stack up:

Supported devices 50,000+ ‘Thousands’
Supported technologies    
   Z-Wave Plus ✔️ ✔️
   Zigbee ✔️ ✔️
   Wi-Fi ✔️ ✔️
   Bluetooth Low Energy ✔️
   868 MHz ✔️
   433 MHz - Nexa / Telldus ✔️
      433MHz - Somfy ✔️
   Infrared ✔️
   KNX-IP ✔️
Price € 299 ~ € 200 (1999 NOK)
Homey is more expensive than Futurehome, but also features more connectivity options.

Want to go more in-depth? We recommend checking out the main websites for Homey and Futurehome to get a complete picture for yourself.

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