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Shelly offers easy-to-use, Wi-Fi based products for smart home enthusiasts and professionals. Connect Shelly devices directly to Homey Pro and experience a unified smart home experience.

With a wide range of sensors, built-in modules, and Plug & Play devices, Shelly really has something for everyone at an affordable price point. With the devices operating on Wi-Fi, they are easy to connect to your home. Add Homey to the mix, and you’ll be upgrading to a real smart home. 

A perfect connection

The Shelly App for Homey creates a great home experience. Connect your Shelly Button 1 to Homey, and it will flawlessly communicate with your existing devices around the house, no matter the brand. Create a Flow for each button press (1x, 2x, 3x, & long press) and effortlessly set your Shelly lights, Ikea smart blinds, and Tado thermostat to the state you choose. The Shelly Button 1 is also waterproof, so come rain or shine you can always use it in your garden. Want some inspiration? Check out our smart garden tips here.

Always ON motion detection

With Shelly & Homey you can create your own intuitive lights, reacting to the way you move through your home. Combine your Shelly lights with a Shelly Motion sensor and use Homey Zone Activity to turn on the lights the moment you enter the room. Shelly Motion is constantly connected to the Wi-Fi network which enables extremely fast response time. In less than 200 ms, it will turn on the lights or activate any other Flow you create. Are you worried you’ll wake up your family when grabbing a midnight snack? No need! Just set the Flow to turn on the lights at a comfortable dim level during the evening hours.

Shelly has something for everyone. Whether you are a hard-core home automation enthusiast or you want some easy Plug & Play solutions. From built-in smart modules, to retro inspired Shelly Vintage lights - with good Wi-Fi coverage they are easy to connect, and Homey adds the control and automation you need with Flows.

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