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Frient offers a range of Zigbee sensors, alarms, smart plugs, and metering devices for your home security, automation, electricity, and air quality monitoring.

Your frients don’t just connect to Homey, they are a Talks with Homey verified partner, that means the integration has been tried and tested to a high standard, with support and updates coming directly from frient.

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality smart home devices that are easy-to-use? Then frient might be for you. frient’s devices are based on years of experience in developing Zigbee-based products, this ensures a stable connection with Homey. The friently sensors and alarms are installed quickly and help you through the day without needing much attention.

No worries, your frient is home

With Homey and frient, you can create the full security package. The Motion Sensor Pro and Entry Sensor Pro make sure no intruder enters undetected, while the combination of Intelligent Smoke and Heat Alarms provides the ultimate fire detection. Best of all, because they’re all connected to Homey, you’ll immediately know if something is wrong – even when you’re away.

Simplicity, quality, control

Want to create an autonomous smart home? Use frients together with Homey’s Zone Activity to have your lights from Plilips Hue, Innr, or IKEA Trådfri turn on when you enter a zone, and turn off again once you leave it.

Worried your old piping might damage your belongings while you’re on holiday? Equip the Water Leak Detector, and let it detect and warn you if there is any leakage in your home. Even a few drops of water will trigger the alarm, letting you take action before any serious damage happens.

Sustainable electricity consumption at its finest

Combined with Homey Energy, frient devices help keep you on top of your electricity consumption. The powerful Smart Plug Mini not only lets you switch devices on or off remotely but also tracks their electricity usage. And if a device doesn’t have a plug, then the Smart Cable has you covered. Simply connect it to the power cord, and you’re good to go. 

What are frients for?

Imagine having a frient who safeguards what matters the most to you. Devices that ensure you and your loved ones are safe and comfortable. A frient who watches over your home – even when you’re not there - and helps lead you on the way to a greener lifestyle.

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