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amina S
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amina S

amina S is a future-proof EV charger designed for both home users and system owners, now seamlessly integrated with Homey. Enhance your smart home experience with Amina S and Homey, and enjoy a smart, reliable, and cost-effective charging solution.

Combine your amina S with other devices within Homey to build flows for load balancing, price optimized charging and solar energy utilization. Stay on top of your home's energy consumption with amina S and Homey.

Made for your car, designed for your home

The amina S is a small, fast, and smart charger that offers complete control over charging speed and energy consumption. With its lightweight and flexible cable, you can achieve charging speeds of up to 22kW. Designed to deliver maximum power to your car when you need it, the Amina S can add up to 100 kilometers of range in just one hour with its impressive charging capacity.

Its compact size and soft, rectangular shape are intentionally discreet to complement its surroundings. The minimalistic and sleek look of the amina S charger ensures it fits into the aesthetics of any modern home.

Charge smart and save money

Charge your EV when electricity rates are low by automating the process using Flows. Ensure your car is automatically charged at the lowest cost, and stay below power tariffs with apps like the Piggy Bank. Set the rules, combine, mix and match Flows to fit your exact charging needs.

With load balancing devices like example Tibber Pulse, you protect the main fuse for a safe and worry-free charging experience. Create a flow that switches between high and low current on amina S depending on the power readings from Tibber to utilize load balancing.

Take it up a notch by combining your amina charger with a smart energy meter, to avoid overloading the main circuit breaker and stay within power tariffs. Ensure cost-effective charging by creating logic based on grid prices. You can even design Flows with solar inverters to charge using your own solar energy production!

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