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See what's in the air you breathe. That's what Airthings is about. Airthings is a Norwegian company that makes state-of-the art air monitoring sensors. Their sensors measure humidity, PM2.5 and CO2 as well as lesser-known-but-important particles like Radon and Airborne chemicals. With Homey, you can make your home act automatically based on the readings and warnings Airthings creates.

Airthings indoor air quality monitors tell you what's in your air. Both the 'View' and 'Wave' series work with Homey – the View series works directly, and the Wave series when you connect them to the Airthings hub to give them internet connectivity.

Take Control of Air Quality in Your Smart Home

Use your Airthings live air quality measurements to trigger Flows in Homey. You can choose to either warn or even improve the air quality in your home with the other devices connected to Homey, like an HVAC system, fan or air purifier. Simply create a Flow to receive a notification to open your living room window if radon levels are high. Or automatically turn on your Dyson Link if your Airthings sensor detects too much PM2.5.

Keep your home's air healthy and comfortable by minimising airborne health risks, irritants and allergens. Your home's air is so much more than oxygen – ensure that it stays not only safe, but also promotes restful sleep and day-to-day wellbeing. Want to know more? Visit the Airthings website.

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