Homey Pro (Early 2023) is now available in Early Access

A New Way to Say Thanks.

We've reinvented how you can share your appreciation with Homey Community Developers.

Most of the Homey Community Developers create & maintain their apps for Homey Pro in their free time. That is admirable, and makes Homey Pro thrive.

Yet, while many of us enjoy their apps, they often get feedback only when things don't work. You can imagine that it hurts when they receive a 1★ review — sometimes even due to something out of their control. We need these developers more than they need us, so we'd like everyone to be extra nice to them.

We have always wanted Homey to be a place where consumers and hobbyists come together, so we set out to redesign the Homey App Store's review system —which has been in place for 7 years already— by something simpler and more positive.

We have upgraded the outdated review system to a  Thanks button in the Homey App Store, to share gratitude towards the developer with a single click. As a follow-up, and only when the developer has set this up, you get the chance to  Donate.

But you might ask, how do I let the app's developer know of any problems? Simple! Just scroll down and there's usually an option to contact the developer, either through e-mail, a website or the Homey Community Forum. In any case, it's a better place to ask, than leaving a bad review!

We truly hope this change brings more happiness to both the developers and community, because only together we can make smart home better. ❤

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