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Five ways to improve your Christmas with Homey

Five ways to improve your Christmas with Homey

Christmas is almost here! A time of enjoying presents, company, family, ugly sweaters and Christmas lights everywhere. And at the same time a hectic period. To make Christmas run smoother, Homey can offer a helping hand. These are our five favorite tips.

Tip 1: Automatically switch your Christmas tree's lights

No Christmas without a Christmas tree. The twinkling lights and baubles are key to the Christmas spirit. But to turn on these lights - or to turn them off - you always have to wade your way through your beautiful tree. You deserve better, and that’s why Homey can easily switch these lights for you using a smart socket switch. Enjoy Christmas comfortably. And after Christmas, you can re-use your smart sockets to switch all kinds of other devices.

Tip 2: Create your own Christmas Soundboard

Soundboards always add to the atmosphere. Use the Homey Soundboard App to turn Homey into a soundboard and have the best Christmas sounds play on occasions: Sound a "Ho-Ho-Ho" through your home upon opening the fridge, or ring Jingle Bells every full hour to know the time.

Homey Soundboard App

Tip 3: Cast a Virtual Fireplace

Nothing is as cozy as a crackling fireplace. But not every home comes equipped with one. No worries. Homey can automatically cast a YouTube video to your Google Chromecast. This way, everyone can enjoy a fireplace. Download the Homey Google Chromecast App.

Homey Google Chromecast

Tip 4: Steal the show with your exterior decorations

Is your garden beautifully lit, but is it time to get to sleep? Homey automatically switches off the lights on your command. You can even create Flows to automatically turn them on again at sunset, or when somebody comes home. This way, Homey saves both human and electric energy, next to time and effort in this already-busy-month.

smart lights

Tip 5: Christmasify your doorbell

With a lot of people coming over, your doorbell gets a leading role. By pairing your smart doorbell with Homey, you never miss any visitors. Homey can send you a push notification on your smartphone every time your bell rings. Combine your doorbell with the Christmas Soundboard (Tip 2) and your Christmas lights in a Flow for the ultimate Christmas doorbell.

smart doorbell

Enjoy your holidays, and why not treat yourself and ask Santa for Homey in the meantime?

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