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Best Buy Guides Find the Best Garden Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022
Find the Best Garden Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022
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Find the Best Garden Appliances for Your Smart Home in 2022

When it comes to smart home devices, the garden is often an overlooked area. There aren’t that many manufacturers that focus on outdoor equipment, but the market is growing and you can already buy plenty of appliances and accessories that can make your life easier. In this article, we will take a look at devices like lawnmowers, irrigation systems, and outdoor lighting to improve your smart home.

What Makes a Garden Smart?

Previously, we’ve covered a number of devices that are ready for the great outdoors – smart doorbells, security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. All of these can improve the security across your entire property and provide peace of mind.

But how about bringing more zen into your smart garden? It's easier than it sounds. First things first, irrigation systems are a smart way to keep your garden healthy and looking great all year round without any manual labor. There are many different types of irrigation systems on the market, so it's important to do your research before you buy into one.

Fortunately, Homey is compatible with numerous irrigation systems, including those made by leading brands such as Hunter and Gardena. 

Another great garden appliance that can be controlled with Homey is the lawnmower. Just like robotic vacuums, lawnmowers have come a long way in terms of functions and price over the past few years. There are now models available that can be fully automated and operated remotely via an app. 

This means that you can mow your lawn without even having to step outside. It’s no longer necessary to spend hours pushing a lawnmower around your garden or pay the neighbors' kids for help.

Finally, outdoor lighting is another area that smart home technology can cover really well. Just like with indoor lights, there's now a wide range of smart outdoor light fixtures available that can be controlled via an app or voice assistant when paired with Homey. This means that you can easily set up your garden lighting to suit your needs.

The Best Smart Garden Devices

If you're looking for the most exciting smart home appliances for your garden, make sure to check out the following devices that support your Homey.

BrandModelPriceProtocolHomey Pro SupportHomey Beta Support
HunterHydrawise HC€225Wi-FiYesNo
GardenaSmart Irrigation Control Sensor Set€299Wi-FiYesYes
GardenaSileno Lawnmower€499+Wi-Fi*YesYes
HusqvarnaAutomower 105€899+Wi-FiYesNo
TwinklyFestoon Lights 20 RGB€149Wi-FiYesYes
PhilipsHue Calla Outdoor Bollard€149ZigbeeYesYes
* requires a third-party hub

Hunter Hydrawise HC

Available at EUR 225

Hunter Hydrawise HC
  • Watering based on weather data
  • Simple setup
  • Touchscreen control
  • Great for retrofitting
  • Only compatible with Homey Pro

The Hunter Hydrawise smart irrigation system is a great way to water your garden, including your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants. The Hydrawise can be connected directly to your home’s water supply and an existing sprinkler system.

Once you've plugged in, set up, and paired your Hydrawise with Homey Pro, the device will use weather data or an additional rain sensor to determine how much water to distribute. The device will then automatically adjust the watering schedule accordingly, but you can also initiate the watering whenever and wherever you are thanks to Homey.

One of the great things about the Hunter Hydrawise smart irrigation system is that it can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to watering. No longer do you have to worry about manually adjusting the sprinklers or making sure that your plants are getting enough water. The system will take care of all of that for you.

Another benefit of the Hydrawise is that it helps save water, reducing wastage and lowering your utility bills.

Gardena Smart Irrigation Control Sensor Set

Available at EUR 299

Gardena Smart Irrigation Control Sensor Set
  • Hub included
  • Multi-purpose
  • Many accessories available
  • Pricey

If you’re looking for an all-in-one irrigation system, this set by Gardena is the perfect solution. It contains irrigation control, a gateway, and a sensor to measure ground temperature and soil moisture at the roots. 

The set will allow you to keep your lawn and plants in perfect condition, moreover, you can select from a wide range of Gardena accessories like sprinklers, pipes, valves, and pumps. Gardena irrigation offers distinct watering intervals for up to 6 watering zones, so you can make sure each area of your garden gets the right amount of water. 

The smart Gateway connected to Homey ensures central networking, which creates an Internet connection using your existing Wi-Fi router. With it, you can monitor and activate your irrigation system from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it allows you to also connect a Gardena robotic lawnmower to your smart home with Homey.

The Gardena App for Homey Pro makes installation and set-up a breeze, so go ahead and keep your garden looking beautiful with smart home automation.

Gardena Sileno Lawnmower 1000

Available at EUR 499

Gardena Sileno Lawnmower 1000
  • Great design
  • AI-based navigation
  • Silent
  • Automatic cutting height
  • Affordable
  • Requires an extra hub

The Gardena Sileno lawnmower makes it easy for you to keep your lawn looking neat. It can be controlled by Homey either automatically or via your smartphone, which means that you can start and stop it, change the settings, and get real-time updates on its progress from wherever you are. 

The mower also comes with a built-in AI-based navigation, so you can be sure that it will never stray from your yard.

The best thing about the Sileno is its innovative cutting system, reducing noise levels and reducing the need to rake up grass clippings after mowing – they are simply recycled back into the lawn. This is a huge time-saver, and it also helps to keep your lawn healthy by providing it with a natural source of nutrients.

Another great feature of the Gardena lawnmower is its ability to automatically adjust the cutting height to suit the conditions of your lawn. This means that you will always get a perfect finish, no matter how long the grass is. You can also set it to mow in a particular pattern, so you can be sure that your lawn will always look neat and tidy.

Overall, we’re impressed with the Gardena smart home lawnmower. It is easy to use, efficient, and produces excellent results. On top of that, with the Gardena App for Homey, this lawnmower can be included in home automation with Homey Flows!

One downside to mention here is that this lawnmower requires the Gardena Gateway in order to communicate with Homey. The Gateway can be purchased as part of the Smart Irrigation Set or you can buy it in a bundle with the lawnmower for an extra of about €200.

Husqvarna Automower 105

Available at EUR 899

Husqvarna Automower 105
  • Remote control and automation
  • Multiple models available
  • OK design
  • Not compatible with Homey Bridge

The Husqvarna Automower is a smart appliance that makes mowing the lawn easier. It works just like a robotic vacuum would indoors, except it can also deal with the slopes in your garden.

While it has a dedicated smartphone app that you can use to control it, it's also compatible with Homey, which means you can complement it with other smart home devices and home automation with Homey Flows.

With the Husqvarna App for Homey, you can keep your lawn looking its best no matter where you are. For instance, you can let the mower run automatically after you and your family leave the house in the morning.

Whether you're out of town or just in the next room, you can change the settings and schedules for your Automower, check its status, and even receive notifications if something goes wrong. 

The Automower comes in multiple variants, but all are able to cut evenly and smoothly, and they leave behind very little clippings. If you're in the market for a new lawnmower, we recommend giving one of the Automower models a try. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for quality performance and ease of use.

Twinkly Festoon Lights 20 RGB

Available at EUR 149

Twinkly Festoon Lights 20 RGB
  • Sync with other Twinkly lights
  • Weather-resistant
  • Affordable

As smart home technology becomes more and more popular, there's a growing number of products that allow you to control your home's lighting using your Homey. One such product is the Twinkly festoon lights, consisting of a set of 20 RGB LED Bulbs.

Generally speaking, one of the best features of the Twinkly lights is that they're compatible with each other and with a smart home hub like Homey Bridge or Homey Pro, allowing you to include these lights in various types of home automation and keeping them in sync.

Simply install the Twinkly App on your Homey, and you'll be able to use other smart home accessories to turn the lights on or off, or even schedule them to specific colors and brightness for a specific time of day. The possibilities are endless.

Another great thing about these lights is that they're quite bright. In fact, they're one of the brightest festoon lights on the market. This makes them perfect for both cozy evenings and summer outdoor parties.

Overall, we think that the Twinkly festoon lights are a great investment for anyone looking to add some smart home functionality to their lighting. They're easy to set up, bright, and compatible with a wide range of devices. 

Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Bollard

Available at EUR 149

Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Bollard
  • Minimalist design
  • Millions of colors to choose from
  • Weather-resistant
  • Pricey

When it comes to your outdoor space, the possibilities are endless with Philips Hue Calla. This smart home light has a Zigbee chip, meaning it's compatible with a smart home hub like Homey Bridge or Homey Pro and thus can be integrated with various other accessories. For example, you can turn it on with your smart remotes or automatically adjust its brightness in the night.

With 16 million colors and white spectrum light you can choose from, it’s easy to shine the light on objects, trees, or pathways and make them look outstanding. The light is made of metal and plastic, and it has an IP44 rating. It's water and dust-resistant and therefore ideal for all kinds of weather.

The Calla lights up the surrounding area beautifully. The light is bright and provides plenty of illumination. Of course, due to its being smart, it’s possible to control it with your phone, and for example, turn it on and off from inside your house.

Whether you're throwing a party or just looking to add some extra magic to your everyday life, Hue Calla is perfect for enhancing your outdoor area. It's a well-made, bright light that's easy to control.

Improve Your Garden with These Smart Home Devices

The future of your garden is now in your hands. With new smart home appliances like lawnmowers, irrigation systems, and outdoor lighting, you can keep your garden looking great with no manual work.

Lawnmowers by both Husqvarna and Gardena will help you keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, and both offer similar cutting height adjustment and battery life. However, Gardena offers a higher working area capacity and better maximum slope performance.

On the other hand, irrigation systems are another popular smart home garden appliance. The Gardena and Hunter ecosystems will help you water your plants and lawn without having to do anything yourself. Both systems are equivalent although Hunter leans more towards a higher quality build. Meanwhile, Gardena offers premium functionality like an automatic valve for drainage and a handy online planning tool for the pipeline.

Outdoor lighting is also crucial for a smart home. The lighting products by Philips or Twinkly can help you light up your garden at night, so you can enjoy it even when the sun goes down. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for smart home garden appliances today. And don't forget to check out the Homey website to learn about other great products and how to keep them under one roof!

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