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Husdata heat pump gateways

Athom Homey app for the Husdata H60 heat pump gateway. The product H60 is a WiFi gateway that fits many Groundsource and Liquid/Air heat pumps. It support heat pumps from as IVT, Bosch, Nefit, Carrier, NIBE, Thermia and others giving a very flexible gateway towards home automation. The H60 gateway has a built in web portal and are supporting the protocols: MQTT, Modbus TCP and Web API/Json. This app gives you the following functions using H60. * Easy setup with discovery and pairing of connected H60 * Display heat pump system temperatures, status and operating modes * Adjust heating settings * Build flows using triggers for temperatures and statuses Flows using heat pump data can be very usable For example, Trig notifications if... * Heat pump gets an alarm on display * Electrical Additional heater has started or going over 50% power level. * Outdoor or Indoor temperature goes over/under a treshold * Delta between Brine IN and OUT is to high (should be 3-4 C) * Warm water temp is going too low (over used, long shower) This application is generic for all heatpumps so some displayed sensors/status may output "-" if not valid for your particular model. App supports English, Dutch and Swedish . Peter Hansson
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