School holidays

Elmar Kouwenhoven

School holidays to be used in your flow

Check if today / yesterday / tomorrow is a school holiday in the Netherlands. Conditions - Today / Yesterday / Tomorrow it is school holiday in [Region] - Today / Yesterday / Tomorrow it is [Holiday] in [Region] Regions - North Holland - Central Netherlands - South Holland Holidays - Autumn break - Christmas break - Spring break - May holidays - Summer holidays Tokens - School holiday yesterday - School holiday today - School holiday tomorrow Example - WHEN the alarm is going off, AND it's not a school holiday, THEN play a morning sound - WHEN this flow starts, AND it's a Christmas holiday, THEN play a christmas music
What's new in v1.1.1
Added caching to prevent multiple API Calls

Flow cards


School holidays
... it is school holiday in ...
This flow will continue when there is/isn't a school holiday
School holidays
... it is ... in ...
This flow will continue when there is/isn't a specific school holiday


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