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Make Homey a controller for This app will make Homey a controller for Supported gateway types - MQTT Gateway - Ethernet Gateway Donate This is an open source application and totaly free. If you still want to make a donation I can build more sensors to use in the app. [] Version history - 0.3.8 Updated MQTT Client and improved connection - 0.3.7 Add Application Loging - 0.3.6 Several changes to make insights work [Marcel Timmermans] - 0.3.3 several changes to make custom icons visible [Marcel Timmermans] - 0.3.0 Adjustments to be complaint to the Homey V2 standards. Added trigger for update node [Marcel Timmermans] - 0.2.3 Bugfix - 0.2.2 Fix issue with autocomplete after changes in SDK - 0.2.0 Magor change of the app. See more in CHANGELOG - 0.1.8 Merge from terryhendrix, added Water flow - 0.1.7 Change to handle the new results from the getCapabilities function because Athom have change it in 0.10. - 0.1.6 Updates for Homey version: 0.10.0 - 0.1.5 Change the custom capabilities mobile to be added dynamic. - 0.1.4 Added a custom capabilities without parse the value. - 0.1.3 Fixed issue with not show a value when add the sensor as a device.Added function to send I_DISCOVER command. - 0.1.2 Added measure_ultraviolet capability and default timeout value for ethernet gateway - 0.1.1 Bugfix - 0.1.0 App store release

Supported devices

Mysensors Driver


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