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Adds support for devices using the KNX network.

Add your KNX devices to Homey. This app requires a KNX IP Router or Interface connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Homey. Please make sure that either Homey is the only KNX/IP device in your network or that your IP interface can handle multiple simultaneous connections. Changelog v1.0.15 Bugfixes and crash preventions. v1.0.13 Added automatic re-detection of KNX interfaces. This should re-find the used KNX interface if it’s IP has changed over time. v1.0.12 Small bugfixes and error handling. v1.0.11 KNX Connection improvements. Supported KNX devices Switch For example a wall-mounted switch that can be toggled. Light For example lights that are connected to a binary outputactor. This type can only be toggled on and off. Dimmer device For example a light that can be dimmed (0% - 100%). This device can only control dimmers that user percentages (KNX datapoint 5). Step Dimmer Button based step dimmers. For dimactors that don’t or can’t support direct dimming. RGB Light A light or LED Strip that can change color (Red/Green/Blue). Thermostat KNX Thermosat. Can set the setpoint temperature and get the measured temperature. Windowcoverings Windowcoverings like sunblinds or curtains. Currently only Up/Down is supported. Temperature sensor A temperature measurement device. Scene Device within Homey which triggers a KNX scene to become active. Set-up To set-up your KNX network in Homey, this app provides three options. Learn mode For switch devices, Homey listens for a press on a button and copies the KNX Group Address (e.g. 0/1/2). ETS Import If there is an ETS (.knxproj-file) export available, it can be uploaded to Homey to make it easier to assign KNX Group Addresses to a Homey device. Most likely your installer can provide this file for you. Manual entry It is possible to manually enter KNX Group Addresses during set-up (e.g. 0/1/2). These values can usually be found in a ‘group address export’ (.esf-file). Most likely your installer can provide this file for you. Support KNX Networks might be complicated to set-up. Please contact your local KNX Installer if you require any assistance.

Supported devices

Dimmer relative
Luminance Sensor
RGB Lights
Temperature Sensor


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