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Create custom LED Ring animations for Homey

Create your own custom LED-ring animations for Homey. - Use millions of color tones to create any LED Ring animation that you like, up to 200 frames per animation. - Use some helpfull tools for fills and rotations. - Use generators to create basic animations with a few mouse clicks. - Import frames and colors from any image. - Save your creations and exchange them with your Homey friends. NOTE 1: The operation of this app may work on some tablets, but it is designed for laptop and desktop PCs. Future versions might get mobile support. NOTE 2: Homey’s Desktop Application is very slow in performing some functions. It also might not render some screens as they should be. Urgent advice: Use Google Chrome (or a compatible browser) for the best experience with LEDitor. Just ignore the message that says ‘Browsers are not supported’. NOTE 3: Homey’s screensavers wont work as long as a LEDitor animation is playing. Take that in consideration in case you are using screensavers for notifications. You could use LEDitor animations or Homey’s built-in animation cards for these notifications. Homey’s animation cards will interrupt a LEDitor animation. The LEDitor animation will continue when Homey’s animation has finished. If you think you have found a bug, or maybe you have a great idea, do not hesitate to open an issue at: https://github.com/OpenMindNL/LEDitor/issues The user’s pleasure is my reward. People who like to show some extra gratitude can buy me a coffee. Brainwaves that still need to be converted to code: - Make it possible to use animations as (semi?) screensavers. - Add flow cards to use individual leds as status indicators, for example to indicate whether certain people or pets are present. - Add flow cards to select a random animation and/or sequence of animations. Preferably with some in-card settings. - Combine one or more animations to one. Needs some thinking about settings for stretching to an equal amount of frames, mixing several colors to one etc. - Special generator with sweeping lines, sine waves, blinking leds and more party stuff. - Dummy-TV function to mislead potential burglars, with random selected ‘movie light’ effects like passing cars by night, zooming and panning colors, incidental flashes, lightning, explosions etc. What happened so far… v1.0.0 - New: LEDitor resizes with the browser window. The largest possible square area is assigned to the LED ring / editors on the right. The remaining screen part is used for the frame list, with a minimum width being taken into account. - New: Display type selection for the frame list: Color view, LED view or Ring view. - New: Randomizer. Changes hue, saturation, brightness and position of active LEDs randomly. The changes are adjustable from very subtle to fully chaotic. - Optimized: More realistic neighboring color mix for onscreen LED Ring display. - Optimized: Animation name will be set accordingly when using a animation generator, or when importing frames and colors from an image. - Optimized Image-import section: - ‘View’ selection for the imported frames. The ‘Ring view’ option is a huge help to instantly see how the colors will be displayed on the LED Ring, and to adjust them if necessary. - The clicked preview pixel now becomes the view center when the image is zoomed in. Now it’s much easier to select a different area without having to zoom out first. - Info about the image, zoom and scan area is shown in the mouse tooltip. - Change: The ‘LED Editor’ and ‘Animation generator’ buttons are combined into a popup menu that also contains ‘Randomize’. - Change: The setting for ‘Show control information’ has been changed to ‘Show header and control information’, so when you uncheck it you will have maximum screen space for the editor. - Bug removed: ‘Direct select’ option (at Color selection) was not stored properly. - Bug removed: ‘Fill empty frames smoothly. Fixed position’ with ‘HSB 2’ gradient could create an invalid animation because of wrong color codes for inactive LEDs. - Bug removed: ‘Fill empty frames smoothly. Variable position’ would sometimes add an extra frame, including a wrong gradient. If this resulted in a total of 201 frames, Homey would not play the animation anymore. - Bug removed: ‘Fill empty frames smoothly. Variable position’. When start frame and end frame both had only 1 active LED on exact opposite sides, there was only one flow when there should be two flows in opposite directions. v0.3.1 - Updated to Homey Apps SDK v2. Homey v1.5.0 or later is required! - Optimized Undo/Redo to include FPS, VFPS, RPM and the animation name. - Optimized HSB 1 and HSB 2 fills to show two different gradients when color hues are exactly 180 degrees apart (complementary colors). - Added gradient type selection (HSB 1, HSB 2, RGB) to the generators. - Added setting to select a pallet color, a color preference or a standard color with 1 mouse click. - Added some missing control/help information. - Various small updates and user interface improvements. v0.3.0 Completely reworked color display and color selection to provide a more intuitive operation. * New: LED/light related display of colors. * New: Palette expanded from 285 to 475 color tones. 19 colors / 25 brightness levels. * New: Advanced color selection lets you choose any color you like and save 24 as your personal favorites. * New: Pick the color from one LED and use it for further editing. * New: Gamma control to match the screen colors to the actual LED Ring colors. * New: Show frame changes on LED Ring. * Added option: Choose from 3 different types of gradient fills. HSB 1, HSB 2 or RGB. Previous LEDitor version only had RGB-fill. * Expanded total number of animations from 30 to 100. * Removed bug: Fill-buttons were not always enabled when an animation contained inactive LEDs and ‘All frames’ was checked. * Removed bug: Frames that were imported from images were processed with unwanted color corrections. * Various small fixes and user interface updates. The term “Interpolated Frames” has been changed to “Virtual Frames” * Code optimizing and rewriting. v0.2.2 - Removed bug: When accessing flow actions before the settings page was visited, LEDitor would crash. - Straightened a few wrinkles in the user interface. - Less storage because of removing unnecessary images from install. v0.2.1 - Removed bug: Internal color vector was not updated after selecting a color for the generator and returning to the editor. This made the generator trigger whenever color changes for the editor were expected. - Removed bug: On-screen LED ring display did not update anymore with Solid Fill or Gradient Fill buttons. - Removed bug: Frame counter did not update with Undo or Redo. - Updated ‘Save LEDitor animation’ window. - Added missing translations and help texts. - Small fixes / changes. v0.2.0 - Added the ability to save and (re)load animations, which allows for back-ups and exchange with other users. - Included a generator which produces all the patterns from the “LED-ring collection” with user definable colors and settings. - Included two different ways to smoothly fill empty/inactive frames in animations. - Included an option to apply rotate and fill actions to all frames at once. - Reorganized the user interface a little. - Small fixes. v0.1.2 - Removed bug: Adding a new frame would clear recently created frames. - Removed bug: An animation would not always play correct on-screen immediately after being edited. - Removed bug: In particular situations, when opening an image was canceled, the user-interface could become unresponsive. - Code optimized. v0.1.1 - Removed bug: Moving a frame up/down and then use undo would result in two corrupted frames and render the animation unusable. - Removed bug: When moving a frame up/down, it now stays selected. - Removed some useless code v0.1.0 - First beta release


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