LED-Ring collection

Alex van den Berg

LED Ring patterns for Homey

##260 LED Ring displays * 20 different patterns. * Each pattern in various color displays. ##Usage * Screensaver * Warnings in flows. * Informative indicators in flows. If you have any requests for LED Ring displays, please post them at: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/2474/led-ring-collection The user’s pleasure is my reward. People who like to show some extra gratitude can buy me a coffee. ###v1.3.1 * compatibility update to >=1.5.0 so it will run on Homey v2.0 ###v1.3.0 * 3 new patterns (30 displays): * Clockwork - 9 colors & Color flow. * Butterfly - 9 colors & Color flow. * Pulsar - 9 colors & Fast color flow. - 33 additional displays: - Breathing - Color flow. - Sparkle - Color flow. - Pulse train - Color flow. - Eyes - 30 two-color combinations of the primary colors red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta. ###v1.2.0 * 4 additional displays: * Satellite - Color flow. * Satellite - Random colors. * Lighthouse - Color flow. * Lighthouse - Random colors. - Donate button added to the app page. ###v1.1.0 * 6 new patterns: * Flash * Solid. * Color flow. * Breathing. * Pulse train. * Eyes. - Not all single-color patterns where available in 9 colors. They are now. - Available colors are white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and magenta. - Two-color patterns are now available in any combination of the single colors (except for white). This makes a total of 28 color combinations for each two-color pattern. - ‘Gort’ is now available in all 30 combinations of the primary colors red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta. - Optimized brightness-fade algorythm for ‘Frontal pulse’. (Better orange and purple fade-out). - Optimized some code. - A few text corrections. - NOTE: Because of some id-changes, you’ll find a broken link when you had ‘Oncoming - Blue & Yellow’ and/or ‘Newtonian lights - Blue & Yellow’ assigned to one of the …then-actions in your Flows. ###v1.0.0 * First public release


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