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Winddelen production app for Homey

De Windcentrale winddelen Let Homey monitor the output of your Windcentrale 'winddelen' (shares in a windmill, see This app allows you to create triggers based on the current power output, and, perhaps more useful, view production statistics using Insights. Based on the 'Solar panels' app by Diederik Bakker. Adding a Windcentrale windmill Select the windmill you participate in and enter the number of 'winddelen' (shares). Features Current production data Homey shows your winddelen output as a sensor. This app currently includes the following metrics (all per 'winddeel' or share): current power, current energy production (reset daily), the yearly production, and the lifetime production. Flow The Winddelen app can be used as a sensor for Homey. This allows you to use logic on your production data. Insights Homey retrieves data from the 'Windcentrale' every five minutes, but only logs new data. You can add more than one windmill, and each will be logged in a separate graph.
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