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Make your garage doors and gates smart

Gives Homey flow cards to interact with your garage doors and gates Prerequisites - Your Remootio device is set up - Make sure your Remootio and Homey is on the same network / VLAN - The status sensor is installed and enabled in the Remootio app (Homey needs to know the current state of your gate/garage door) - A static/fixed IP address for your Remootio is recommended Websocket API The API in the Remootio must be enabled before adding Remootio device(s) to Homey. Instructions on Remootio homepage Take a note of the 'API Secret Key' and 'API Auth Key' shown when enabling the API Pairing When adding a Remootio device to your Homey, your Remootio device(s) will be found automatically on your network with mDNS When asked, input your 'API Secret Key' and 'API Auth Key' Logic flipped If you have flipped the logic (in the Remootio app) used on the sensor connected to your Remootio device, you must set 'Is sensor logic flipped' to 'yes' in the Remootio device settings in Homey.
What's new in v1.1.2
Moved trigger 'Left Open' into the device itself
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Left open ...
Triggered when garage door has been left open for the specified duration set in 'Notify if left open' setting in the Remootio app (minimum value 5 minutes)


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