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FHEM interface app for Homey

Use your FHEM devices in Homey. Homey supports lots of devices out of the box, but for those that are available in FHEM only, you can use this app to use them in Homey. This app can read and set properties of your FHEM devices, and events in FHEM are forwarded to Homey. SUPPORTED DEVICES Currently supported device types: * Lights * Sockets * Thermostats * Window coverings * Sensors ATTRIBUTE MAPPING In FHEM, add an attribute homeyMapping to the devices you want to be able to control in Homey. the format of the attribute is: homeyclass:homeycapability=fhemreading,homeycapability=fhem_reading… Here are the available homeyclasses and their homeycapabilities: Homey class | Homey capabilities ———– | —————light | onoff dim measureenergy measurepower socket | onoff dim measureenergy measurepower thermostat | targettemperature measuretemperature windowcoverings | onoff dim sensor | measuretemperature measurehumidity measurepower measureluminance meterpower alarmmotion alarm_contact EXAMPLES Examples of a homeyMapping attribute for your FHEM devices: * attr mylight homeyMapping light:dim,onoff * attr mythermostat homeyMapping thermostat:measuretemperature=temperature,targettemperature=desired-temperature * attr mysensor homeyMapping sensor:alarmmotion=basicSet,measuretemperature=temperature,measure_luminance=luminance ISSUES / REQUESTS If you want to report an issue, or have a request for this app, log an issue at my Gitub project WHAT’S NEW V0.6.0 (2019-05-25) Add support for csrf token as required by FHEM 5.8 and later. V0.5.1 (2017-12-13) Change to SDK v2; add update possibility to change some readings in FHEM via action cards V0.3.0 Fix crashes for new installations, and for devices that are not fully configured yet in FHEM. V0.2.0 Added sensors V0.1.0 Initial release to the Homey app store

Supported devices

FHEM light
FHEM socket
FHEM thermostat
FHEM windowcoverings
FHEM sensor


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