MQTT Broker

Menno van Grinsven

A MQTT Broker for Homey

This app uses the Mosca nodejs library: This app is a nodejs based MQTT broker. When installed this can be used with the Owntracks client, MQTT client and other apps that use the MQTT protocol to communicate with Homey. When using this app there is no need to use a cloud based MQTT broker or host a broker on a homeserver. After installing the app, please go to the settings page and enter a port number (usually 1883) where the broker should listen on. Also add users that can have access to the broker. Features The MQTT Broker for Homey has a settings page where you can configure the following: - Port number the MQTT broker listens to - You can enable TLS - Enable both TLS based connections and plain connections - Add, Delete and Change users - Add Private key and X509v3 Certificate chain for TLS - Generate a selfsigned certificate and private key Todo - Topic based ACL’s. - How-to’s


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