Christian Dates

Marco van 't Klooster

Christian date conditions to use in your flows

This app will give you a lot of flow conditions based on the Western Christian calendar. The conditions are ordered based on liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church Season There are conditions based on the season you currently in: This seasons are currently supported - It is Advent - From the first Sunday from Advent until Christmas - It is the Christmas season - From Christmas until Epiphany - It is Lent - From Ash Wednesday until Easter - It is the Easter season - From Easter until Pentecost Compare There are conditions to compare the current date to the (feast)date All the dates below can be compared 1. Later than today 2. Before today 3. Later than today or today 4. Before today or today 5. Today 6. Not today This dates are currently supported - Advent - First Sunday of Advent - Second Sunday of Advent - Third Sunday of Advent - Fourth Sunday of Advent - Christmas - First Christmas Day - Second Day of Christmas - Epiphany - Candlemas - Holy Week - Palm Sunday - Holy Thursday - Good Friday (Holy Friday) - Easter - Easter - Pentecost Settings In the settings of this app you can set if you prefer that the the current date compares with the vigil time. So at the vigil before the feast the flow conditions will pass. > Example: The first Sunday from Advent start at the Saturday before at 5pm. Like it? Do you want to support me to continue development? [PayPal] Changelog ###Version 1.3.x * Added card Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus and the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary * Bug fixed: Time selection ###Version 1.2.x * Added card Feast of the Ascension * Added card Assumption of Mary * Added card All Saints’ Day * Added card if today is Sunday or a Feast day ###Version 1.1.x * Bug fixed: Advent an Christmas logic ###Version 1.0.x * Bug fixed: Issue when vigil isn’t configured


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