ESP Easy

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Build your own sensors

ESP Easy is a firmware for ESP8266 boards like the WeMos D1 and NodeMCU. It allows you to quickly make custom devices with switches, sensors and other hardware to build your own domotica appliances. With this app, you can connect them to Homey! The app has been developed and tested on a NodeMCU V3 board, if you run into any problems with other boards or want to have the pin-layout displayed in the GPIO pairing wizard, let me know on Github! As my own use cases are limited, I need your input for Supporting more boards and devices. Please help me on Github or on the forum by sending information about your setup or contributing code.
What's new in v1.8.0
Add support for gas sensors like the MH-Z19.

Supported devices

GPIO Digital Output
GPIO Pulse Output
GPIO Melody Output
GPIO Tone Output
Analog Input
Switch Input
P1 Energy Meter
Pulse counter
ESP Easy Unit


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