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Give Homey the ability to control your Action devices

Adds support for wireless switches sold in various Action stores. What’s new v3.0.6 Various fixes for Selectplus doorbell devices. Added SelectPlus 200689101 device. v3.0.4 Corrected Selectplus doorbell flows. v3.0.0 Internal changes. This update contains a rewrite using new Homey codebases for RF. Rewrote Promax devices. Please re-pair the devices as the old pairing is not compatible with the new driver (the old paired devices are not compatible with the new version). It is now possible to generate a signal for the Promax sockets rather then clone the remote. v2.2.0 Added logging and error reporting. v2.1.4 Fixed bug where bell animation would not stop when pairing the Selectplus doorbell Set the debounce timeout of Selectplus doorbell to 1 second (Homey will ignore button presses until the signal is not received for 1 second) v2.1.3 Fixed bug where the app would crash after removing a promax device. Fixed bug where testing a promax socket and then clicking back would not respond to the remote anymore.

Supported devices

Eurodomest 972080
Eurodomest 972080
Impuls EL-COCO20
Impuls EL-COCO20R
Promax RC50075
Promax 55010X10
SelectPlus SP200689101
SelectPlus SP200689103


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