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Give Homey the ability to control your Flamingo devices

Adds support for wireless Flamingo devices. What’s new v3.1.0 Internal changes. This update contains a rewrite using new Homey codebases for RF. Rewrote FA500x devices. Please re-pair the devices as the old pairing is not compatible with the new driver (the old paired devices are not compatible with the new version). It is now possible to generate a signal for the FA500x sockets rather then clone the remote. v3.0.0 Rewrite to SDK2 Deprecated the way FA500S sockets copied the signal from the remote. Already paired sockets should still work the same but to pair a new socket Homey will need to generate a new signal for the socket. Added the Flamingo SF501S and SF501R v2.3.3 Improved signal definition for flamingo dipswitch devices v2.3.2 Fixed flamingo FA500S switch which was not able to pair for more than once every time the app starts v2.3.0 Added FA21RF smoke detector. With thanks to @wingleader for testing and recording the smoke detector signal. Added ability to test smoke sensor. v2.2.0 Added E button in flow cards for AB400DSS remote Fixed remote buttons being clickable in test pair screen Added logging and error reporting

Supported devices

AB400DSS Remote
AB400DSS Socket
FA21RF Smoke Detector
FA500S Remote
FA500x Socket
SF-501P Socket
SF-501R Remote


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