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Adds support for BleBox devices.

This app adds support for Homey. is a brand of high-quality products related to home automation. Created in 2013 by authors of the “Polish Invention of the year 2014” and 30 other technological and product innovations. Within 3 years it has evolved from a local start-up to an international company which provides innovative products to more than 20 countries of the world, including China. SUPPORTED DEVICES At the moment this app supports the following devices: - switchBox - this device allows you to wirelessly turn on or off electric devices powered by network voltage of 230V and up to 3kW of power. You can control the load via mobile devices and/or personal computers wherever you are. - switchBoxD - switchBoxD - “double” SwitchBox - can wirelessly turn on or off main voltage electrical devices. It can control two 5A loads (in total 2 kW). Suitable for smaller devices, wherever you want to control two independent electrical circuits with a single controller. - switchBoxDC - switchBoxDC is a smart switch powered by low voltage (12-24V DC) which allows you to control virtually any electrical device from any place in the world. - shutterBox - is a device designed to wireless control of electric roller shutters, awnings, screens, etc. (by using Smartphones and tablets), also from any place in the world. - dimmerBox - dimmerBox is the first device in the world which allows you to switch and dim 230V lights in your home or office. Control your lights from a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. - wLightBox - the smallest wireless light controller in the world, wlightbox allows you to control colourful (RGBW) and plain LED lighting. It can be managed not only by smartphones and tablets, but also from your computer. - wLightBoxS - Using wLightBoxS you can switch on, off and also adjust brightness of single color LED lights using your smartphone or tablet, also from anywhere in the World. It’s an alternative in compare with wLightBox (RGBW LED controller) for people who only want to control one color per device. - airSensor - airSensor is your personal air quality sensor - it keeps you informed about the presence of harmful dust suspended in your home and outside. - tempSensor - a device that indicates the temperature, equipped with a waterproof measuring probe, operating in the range of -55 to + 125 degrees Celsius. - gateBox - gateBox allows you to not only open and close gates, but also check on their status CHANGELOG v.1.8.1 - gateBox driver bugfixes v.1.8.0 - added gateBox support v.1.7.0 - added Homey Energy support - shutterBox bugfixes v.1.6.0 - shutterBox support added v.1.5.0 - tempSensor support added v.1.4.0 - wLightBoxS support added - bugfix for switchBoxDC pairing v.1.3.0 First public release - switchBox support - switchBoxDC support - switchBoxD support - dimmerBox support - wLightBox support - airSensor support

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