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Adds support for Yale Digital Locks

Adds support for Yale Digital Locks Currently supports EU version of the following devices: 1. YRD220 2. YDD424 3. YFM40 4. YDM4109 5. YDM3168 6. YKFCON 7. YD-01-CON 8. YDCONL1 (Connexis L1) 9. YDR446 10. YDR256 Notes: 1. YDM3168, YKFCON, YD-01-CON, YDCONL1 (Connexis L1) and YDR446 was added based on request on Github. We do not have the lock for testing. Please log the issues to https://github.com/AutomateAsia/com.yale.lock 2. YFM40, YDM3168 and YDM4109 does not send status update upon locking by thumbturn. This is not a Homey issue as they behave the same as the Z-Wave hub like Vera and FIBARO. 3. Fingerprint unlock does not send status update to any Z-Wave hub. This is not a Homey issue as they behave the same as the Z-Wave hub like Vera and FIBARO. 4. The polling on fixed interval (60s) previously to address point 3 and 4 has been removed as it drains battery on certain models. The setting page will be make available in following releases. 5. Refer to https://h4sh.automate.asia/blogs/guides-and-reviews/decoding-yale-z-Wave-lock-with-homey for more technical details. Flow cards support following triggers: 1. Lock/Unlock by thumb turn (for YDM4109, YDM3168 and YFM40, the lock does not seems to send status update on locking by thumbturn) 2. Lock/Unlock by touchpad 3. Unlock by specific user pin (the lock does not send status update for fingerprint unlock) 4. Lock/Unlock by button (only for YDD424) 5. Autolocked (only for locks that have mechanism to detect door closed, i.e YDD424 has a magnet, YFM40, YDM3168 and YDM4109 has a spring latch) 6. Tamper alarm 7. Battery alarm (Based on Yale’s standard 3 levels of battery reporting, not by battery %) Changelog: v1.1.1 - Bug fixes - Added battery alarm v1.1.0 - Removed polling for all models to preserve batteries (some models gives out a chime everytime it is polled). Removing the poll will no longer synchronise the status of the lock if the lock does not send out any status update. The lack of status update for certain operation is due to the Z-Wave module, not due to the app nor Homey. - Updated meshdriver to - Added support for YDR256, Connexis L1 and YDR446 v1.0.4 - Removed polling for YFM40 as users have reported that the lock gives out a chime whenever it is polled (YFM40 is known to not send any status updates to Z-Wave hub during fingerprint unlock, regardless it is Homey, FIBARO or Vera. As such, not having status update during fingerprint unlock is not a Homey or an issue of this app). Removing the poll will no longer synchronise the status of the lock. v1.0.3 - Added support for YDM4109, YDM3168, YKFCON and YKFCON - Fixed typo on YFM40 - Updated inclusion instructions - Group some of the product ID, product type ID into different locks. Re-inclusion may be required for some users. v1.0.0 - App store release

Supported devices

YD-01-CON Smart Living
Conexis L1
YDD424 Fingerprint Deadbolt
YDM3168 Mortise Lock
YDM4109 Fingerprint Mortise Lock
YDR446 Assure Lock Keyless
YFM40 Fingerprint Mortise Lock
YKFCON Keyfree Connected
YRD220 Real Living
Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD256


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