Weather Underground

Adrian Rockall

Get the last data from you weather station

This app gets the last data set from you Personal Weather Station that is hosted on the Weather Underground web site. It can also get a 5 day forecast. This app can use the "Station ID" and "Your API key". These can be found on your Members Settings page of the Weather Underground site. "Station ID" is on the "My Devices" tab and "Your API key" is on the "API KEYS" tab. The app gathers the information for your weather station from the Weather Underground site once every minute as the web site limits requests to 10 per minutes and 1500 per day so it can run all day at this rate. The PWS data include (subject to being provided by your station): * Current Temperature, * Feels Like Temperature, * Dew Point, * Humidity, * Relative Pressure, * Wind Direction, * Wind Strength, * Rain rate, * Rain Total, * UV Index, * Solar Radiation The forecast daily data includes (for 5 days): * Moon Phase, * Rain Total, * Snow Total, * High Temperature, * Low Temperature Plus the following data for Day and Night (for 5 days): * Summary, * Cloud Cover, * Precipitation Chance, * Precipitation Type, * Temperature, * Wind Direction, * Wind Strength, * Humidity, * UV Index Click on the 'Visit Community' link below for installation instruction.
What's new in v2.1.11
Fixed issues where polling stops after a network error

Supported devices

Weather Forecast
Weather Station


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