Trashcan Reminder 2.0

Robert Raaijmakers

Use this app to check when your trash will be collected

Homey will remind you to put the trash out! You can do this by providing a postal code, house number and country (NL/BE). A lot of cities are supported with this trashcan reminder. If your city is not supported you can always add your schedule manually. You can add new cities yourself, but requests to add new cities aren't honoured. If you wish to contribute to the project (for example by adding support for a city). I would advise you to take a look at [this explanation]( - Afvalwijzer Suez - Afvalkalender ACV - Afvalkalender Circulus-Berkel - Afvalkalender Meerlanden - Afvalkalender Venray - Avalex - Cure - Cyclus - Dar Afvalkalender - De Afval App - Den Bosch - GAD Gooi en Vechtstreek - Gemeente Hellendoorn - Inzamelkalender HVC - Mijn Afvalwijzer - Mijn Blink - RD4 - Recyle Manager - RMN - Rova - Twentemilieu Supported Cards There is one card that you can place in the "and" column. The card lets you check whether or not trash is collected either today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The type of trash that is checked for can be set to a specific one, or to 'any' to include all types. Supported Speech / Chat You can ask Homey four type of questions regarding your waste collection: - When is the green container collected? - What is collected next monday? - Is the residual waste collected this friday? - Which type of trash is collected next? Tags There is one global tag available that you can set dynamically via the settings. This tag will show the value belonging to the trash type(s) that are collected.
What's new in v2.8.2
Updated API's, implemented swedish


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