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TKB Home devices for Homey

This app adds support for TKB Home devices in Homey. Supported devices: - TSM02 - 4-in-1 Multi Sensor - TSP01 - 3-in-1 Multi Sensor - TZ04 - Dual Relay Metering Module - TZ35 - Single & Double Wall Dimmer - TZ36 - Single & Double Wall Switch - TZ37 - Double Relay Wall Switch - TZ55 - Single & Double Wall Dimmer - TZ56 - Single & Double Wall Switch - TZ57 - Double Relay Wall Switch - TZ65 - Single & Double Wall Dimmer - TZ66 - Single & Double Wall Switch - TZ67 - Wallplug Dimmer (all types) - TZ67-PLUS - Wallplug Dimmer (Z-Wave Plus) (all types) - TZ68 - Wallplug Switch (all types) - TZ68-PLUS - Wallplug Switch (Z-Wave Plus) (all types) - TZ69 - Smart Energy Wallplug (Z-Wave Plus) (all types) - TZ74 - Dual Relay Switch Module - TZ88 - Smart Energy Wallplug (Z-Wave Plus) (all types) Supported Languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) Notes: TZ35/TZ55/TZ65 The Wall Dimmers need to be polled to get the correct dim state when you dim it with the switch itself. The interval is by default on 300 seconds (5 minutes). It is not recommended to put this below 60 seconds (1 minute), it might cause too much traffic. You can also “immediately” update its state in homey, by just pressing any of the switches once. The dim level takes about 2.5 seconds to update when switching on, since the dimmer dims up to its set brightness. TZ67(-PLUS)/TZ68(-PLUS)/TZ69 The wallplugs only use the polling interval if you use the button on the wallplug itself. It is not recommended to put this below 60 seconds (1 minute), it might cause too much traffic. TZ88 It sends the wattage value when the load changes (more then) 5%. This can’t be edited and could cause a lot of data if the load changes the power usage a lot. All other manufacturers have this on at least 20% for this reason, so do keep this in mind. The voltage and amperage don’t get reported on intervals, added polling for this (by default poll is off to save traffic). Change Log: 2.0.5: - Setting fixes to: TZ35 & TZ36 2.0.4: - Fix (custom) trigger cards 2.0.3: - Fix app not being able to install on Homey v2 - Update meshdriver 2.0.2: - Fix bug TSP01 - Added Dual Relay Metering Module TZ04 - Added ID’s to TZ55 - Added Dual Relay Switch Module TZ74 - Update meshdriver 2.0.1: - Fixed a crash caused by a typo in the TSP01/TSM02 setting parsers Rest of the change log can be found here.

Supported devices

3(4) in 1 Multi Sensor TSP01/TSM02
Double Relay Switch (Metering) TZ04
Dimmer TZ35/TZ55
Switch TZ36/TZ56
Double Relay Switch TZ37/TZ57
Dimmer TZ65
Switch TZ66
Wallplug Dimmer TZ67
Wallplug Dimmer (Z-Wave Plus) TZ67
Wallplug TZ68
Wallplug (Z-Wave Plus) TZ68-PLUS
Smart Energy Wallplug TZ69
Double Relay Switch TZ74
Smart Energy Wallplug TZ88


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