Telldus Z-wave

Yngve Bøe Haugom

Adds support for Telldus Z-wave devices

ADDS SUPPORT FOR TELLDUS Z-WAVE DEVICES - The id of the drivers is the product number from The Z-wave Alliance. ## Supported devices - Z-wave Door/window sensor - Contact alarm (TZDW-100) - Z-wave Plug-in switch - Plug-in Switch (Schuko - TZWP-100) - Z-wave Plug-in switch - Plug-in Switch Mini (TZWP-102) Version log - 1.0.0 - Initial version - support for Door/window sensor - 1.0.1 - Added Plug-in Switch (Schuko) TZWP-100. Bugfix. - 1.0.2 - Added Telldus plug-in mini switch. - 1.0.3 - Rewrite to support SDK 2, and new athom-cli. Changed id´s to be strings. Added condition - meassured power in range for Telldus TZWP-102 plug. - 1.1.0 - Stable version - 1.1.1 (beta) - Fixed settings hint. Wrong description for TZWP-102 when power failure. Bad default values for TZWP-102 settings, and changed scale for percentage scale. - 1.1.2 - Replaced icon for TZWP-102. Was displayed incorrectly in newer version of app. Thanks to Marcus Karlsson and Johan Bendz for icon contribution and testing.

Supported devices

Door/window sensor
Plug-in Switch (Schuko)
Plug-in Switch Mini


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