Marcel Veldhuizen

Sensative Z-Wave Strips support for Homey

This app adds support for the Sensative Strips family of products in Homey. Supported devices with most common parameters: - Strips Guard (door/window sensor) - Strips Drip - Strips Comfort Supported Languages: - English - Dutch Release notes ———-2.0.1: * Fixed a number of issues with Strips Drip and Strips Comfort 2.0.0: * Support for notification command class for Strips Guard. Using this instead of the binary sensor command class should fix an issue with devices with firmware 0.7 or older. * Add tamper alarm capability for Strips Guard * Preliminary support for Strips Drip and Strips Comfort * Upgraded to Homey SDK 2.0 1.0.3: * Z-Wave configuration parameters should be properly initialized upon inclusion now. * Requires Homey 1.0.3 firmware due to an issue in combination with 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 firmwares. 1.0.1: * In this initial version, Strips will be set to a simple binary sensor. I’d like to switch to using its default operating mode in the future, which may require the device to be re-added. * The US version of Strips is not yet recognized. It may be added in a future version (testers needed). Disclaimer ——-This application is not affiliated with Sensative AB. Sensative AB is not responsible for the operation or content of this application.

Supported devices

Strips Guard
Strips Drip/Comfort


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