Peter Baan

Adds support for iVisions products.

Control your iVisions projection screen or projector lift with Homey! This app allows you to connect to any iVisions product fitted with the iViConnect system (all motorized projection screen series and projector lifts, for more information: www.i-visions.com). It works with RF and will function even if there is no line of sight between your Homey device and iVisions product. Supported Languages: - English - Dutch Feedback: If you have any request or comment please post them on the iVisions topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack Changelog: - v1.1.0: Added projector lift - v1.0.0: Beta release - v0.1.1: Bugfix (CRC check) - v0.1.0: Initial alpha version.

Supported devices

Projection Screen
Projector Lift


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