P1 Smartmeter

Leendert De Kok

P1 Smartmeter

NOTE: This app doesn’t get information out of the smartmeter, you have to use an device (a raspberry pi for example) that push data to the app. Introduction This app adds the P1 smartmeter into Homey and add an api to update the data. The repository https://github.com/koktaildotcom/node-p1-reader reads the data from the p1 and push it to the com.p1 api. Requirements of the device that reads data from the smartmeter (a raspberry pi for example) 1. A working internet connection. 2. A serial connection with the p1 port of the smart meter. 3. Power. 4. Cli access to the device. Script for reading the data and push it to the api NOTE: This example is for DSMR 4.0 supported devices. 1. Install the script https://github.com/koktaildotcom/node-p1-reader on the device connected to the serial p1. 2. Run npm install 3. Change the HomeyId as described in examples/example.js. 4. Change the config.serialPort for your situation (you should check your smartmeter and google around..) 5. Run the script by calling: node examples/example.js Usage of the Homey app 1. Install the app com.p1. 2. Add device p1 smartmeter. 3. Use the endpoint /update to push data to Homey. Endpoint POST: /update body: { "electricity": { "delivered": { "tariff2": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kWh" }, "actual": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kW" }, "tariff1": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kWh" } }, "received": { "tariff2": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kWh" }, "actual": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kW" }, "tariff1": { "reading": 0, "unit": "kWh" } } }, "gas": { "reading": 0, "unit": "m3" } } History v2.0.0 - 01.01.2019 - initial commit v2.0.1 - 01.01.2019 - add brandcolor and community topic id v2.0.2 - 01.01.2019 - add repository description for DSMR 4.0 v2.0.3 - 01.01.2019 - update current gas usage once per hour v3.0.0 - 15.10.2019 - Add support for Homey v3 Energy - Added capability as it is needed for the power overview - Hide total consumed/generated from device sensor overview Final note The repository is available at: https://github.com/koktaildotcom/com.p1.smartmeter

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P1 smartmeter


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