My New Motion

Vincent Boer

Support for private new motion charging points.

# My New Motion Unofficial app for My New Motion. Adds support for private EV charging points found on This app is inspired on the great work of Jaime Visser's The New motion app. I rewrote the app to make it work with the private chargers from instead of the public charge points. ## Getting started This app is focused on your own chargepoints. The once that are registered to your own account. I leave the public charge point out of the app in this first version. You also need an valid rfid card linked to your account in my new motion. The app uses your first available card. Make sure you have a my new motion account with one chargepoint and one card connected. Then use the add device to start the wizard. ## Usage * In the flow editor use the triggers to start a flow when someone starts/stops charging or when there are free connectors. * Turn on/off the chargepoint to start a charing session using your main charge card ## Supported devices * Private new motion charge points for electric vehicles
What's new in v2.1.1
Update artwork to fit the app better and new app logo

Supported devices

Charge point


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