NEO Coolcam

Marco Ruiter

NEO Coolcam Z-Wave device support

# SZ Neo Coolcam Z-Wave device APP for Homey ## Supported devices with most common parameters: * NAS-PD01ZE, Motion Sensor * NAS-PD02ZE, Motion Sensor V2 * NAS-WR01ZE, Power Switching Plug * NAS-WR02ZE, Power Switching Plug V2 * NAS-SC01ZE, Touch Wall Switch Single * NAS-SC02ZE, Touch Wall Switch Dual * NAS-SC03ZE, Touch Wall Switch Triple * NAS-CS03ZE, Curtain Controller * NAS-AB01ZE, Siren / Doorbell speaker * NAS-AB02ZE, Siren / Doorbell speaker V2 * NAS-RC01ZE, Remote KeyFob / Alarm Button * NAS-RS01ZE, Remote Emergency Button * NAS-DS01ZE, Door Sensor * NAS-WS01ZE, Flood Sensor ## Unsupported device: None until Neo releases new products ## Supported Languages: * English * Dutch * German ## Support notes: Most reliable way to update battery powered devices 1. Place the sensor near Homey (< 1 meter) 2. Change the settings to the values you want 3. Wake up the sensor (triple click the button) 4. During the blinking of the LED (indicating connection to Homey) press "save settings" If problems persists: a. Temporarely disable other Z-wave apps b. change the setting to another value with above steps c. check if effective and retry to the desired value ## Donations: Donations will be used for charity. Every 25 euros collected will be send to a different charity organization every time. I make this app for fun and don’t tend to make profit for my own. If you like the work. Please think of the people who you could please a bit by donating. Want the next donation to go to your favorite charity ? Don’t hesitate and tell me what it is.
What's new in v2.1.3
• Made report parsers for V1 plug independend from the homey-mesh-driver. • Finished (i hope so :) ) the code for the curtain contoller. • Setting changes for the Pir V1.

Supported devices

Curtain controller
Door Sensor
SOS Button
Touch Switch Single
Touch Switch Dual
Touch Switch Triple
Power Wallplug V1
Power Wallplug V2
Flood Sensor


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