INNR Lighting B.V.

Martin Brasse

INNR Lighting B.V.

This app allows you to connect your INNR Devices to Homey Supported Devices: - RB 285 C, BY 285 C - RB 265, BY 265 - RB 250 C, - RF 263, BF 263 - RF 265, BF 265 - SP 110, SP 120, SP 222 - RB 185 C, BY 185 C - FL 130 C - RB 162, RB 165, RB 175 W, BY 165 - RB 145, B 245 - RS 125, RS 122, RS 225 - RS 128 T, RS 228 T - RS 230 C - BY 178 T, RB 178 T, RB 278 T - RB 148 T, RB 248 T - PL 110 - RSL 110 - DL 110 N, DL 110 W, SL 110 N, SL 110 M, SL 110 W - UC 110, FL 110, ST 110 - RC 110 VERSION 1.1.12 Initial RS 230 C RGBW GU10 VERSION 1.1.11 Initial SP 222 Support VERSION 1.1.10 Fixed transitiontime for dimmable devices Added onOffTransitionTime in device settings for filament bulbs VERSION 1.1.9 Added Zigbee 3.0 RF 263, BF 263 Smart filament bulb vintage Added Zigbee 3.0 RF 265, BF 265 Smart filament bulb white VERSION 1.1.8 Added Zigbee 3.0 RB 250 C RGBW E14 VERSION 1.1.7 Readme corrected VERSION 1.1.6 Added Zigbee 3.0 RB 278 T comfort E27 Add start dim-level change and stop dim-level change action for RSL 110 VERSION 1.1.5 Added RSL 110 Recessed Spot Light VERSION 1.1.4 Added Zigbee 3.0 devices: RS 225 white GU10 RS 228 T comfort GU10 VERSION 1.1.3 Add start dim-level change and stop dim-level change action cards for all applicable devices VERSION 1.1.2 Added Zigbee 3.0 devices: RB 265 Smart bulb white E27 BY 265 Smart bulb white B22 RB 245 Smart candle white E14 RB 248 T Smart candle comfort (tunable) E14 Added Dim duration VERSION 1.1.1 Added Zigbee 3.0 devices RB 285 C, BY 285 C with attribute reporting for on/off and dim Updated meshdriver VERSION 1.1.0 Changed README - Added SP 120 REMARKS - INNR Remote. Pairing takes time and the message shows you have to put the device into pairing. But leave it as is, the pairing goes on a few moments later. Flows are work in progress and program buttons are not (yet) supported! Only with the slider in LIGHTS position, button -, + and on/off can be used with button 1-6. For example: put the slider into LIGHTS stand. Push shortly a num button followed by -, + or on/off. Long press -, + is also supported and are present as tokens within flows. Available tokens: Button (number): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Type (string): “- short”, “+ short”, on, off, “- long”, “+ long”, stop Slider on the remote in SCENES position, commands are broadcasted and applied to group 0. If i stand correct, this applies to all ZigBee devices, but could not test it, because i have no other ZigBee brands in use with Homey. Feedback: Any requests please contact me on Slack Please report issues at the issues section on Github

Supported devices

Smart Plug
RGBW Z3 Bulb
RGBW E14 Bulb
RGBW GU10 Bulb
Dimmable Bulb
Vintage filament Bulb
White filament Bulb
Dimmable Bulb
Dimmable GU10 Bulb
Tunable GU10 Bulb
Tunable Bulb
Tunable E14
Dimmable PuckLight
Recessed Spot Light
Dimmable SPOT Bulb
LED Strip


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