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Control HomeWizard using Homey

This app let’s you connect your HomeWizard to Homey. You can add your HomeWizard in the device section. Upon first deployment you need add the Homewizard unit first, then you can add the related/connected components from Homewizard to your Homey. v0.2.8: * Updated measure_power to reflect Netto power vs Used (Solar needs to add its own power generation in Homey) v0.2.7: * Adding Homey 3.0 support (Watcher & Energylink) NOTE: YOU NEED TO PAIR YOUR ENERGYLINK AGAIN TO MAKE THIS WORK! v0.2.6: * Netto power usage added (Current power/watts which will go negative if you produce power via solar) v0.2.5: * Bugfix Rainmeter and EnergyLink triggers v0.2.2: * Rainmeter flow trigger added (Rainfall total based) v0.2.1: * Windmeter fix and heatlink action card added v0.2.0: * Added windmeter * Changed device class to make it work on Homey V2 v0.1.7: * Save readings from your smart meter * Fixed EnergyLink not correctly saving solar from S2 port. v0.1.6: * Added rainmeter * SIDENOTE just as the Energylink, heatlink etc you need to add Rain and Windmeter separately. Verify homewizard has its windmeter units set to km/h else you get funny measures IF YOU LIKE THIS APP, THEN CONSIDER TO BUY ME A BEER :) []

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